What is the Largest Bra Size?

The world’s largest reported bra size is considered to be 102ZZZs. However, there has been much speculation as to whether this size is legitimate.

A woman by the name of Norma Stitz, who wears a 50-pound custom-made bra claims to have a 42NNN natural bust. She has had no surgical procedures and attributes her large breasts on genetics and a person’s particular frame. Many people believe that her story is untrue because she makes many public appearances which include showing her chest on stage at various venues.

She also claims that if she actually attempted to obtain the record officially, Guinness World Records would not recognize it because they do not list anything larger than K as an option. This may have been for the best because she would have needed to obtain a measurement from her chest from one breast to another, which can be rather dangerous.

In addition, Norma Stitz is not the only person who claims that she has the largest natural breasts in the world. Two other women by the name of Annie Hawkins and Norma Martin also claim to have much larger breasts than anyone else on record. However, it is unclear whether these claims are true or if Guinness World Records believes them.

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