What Is The Smallest Combine John Deere Makes?

John Deere is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment. The company has a wide range of combine harvesters available, from small, entry-level models to more powerful, higher-end machines. The smallest combine John Deere makes is the 6 Series S650 Small Grain Combine. This powerful and reliable machine is ideal for small farmers and hobbyists who need a dependable, low-cost machine for harvesting crops.

With a maximum grain tank capacity of 75 bushels and a powerful engine capable of up to 230 horsepower, the S650 is capable of producing up to 19.5 bushels per acre. The combine is equipped with a variety of features, such as a power-folding grain tank, a four-speed hydrostatic transmission, and a large, easy-to-view cab. The combine also has a durable steel frame and a heavy-duty rubberized track system, making it capable of tackling tough terrain.

The S650 has the capacity to handle a variety of different crops, including wheat, soybeans, corn, and oats, and is equipped with a wide range of harvesting options. These include a header for harvesting small grains, a corn header for harvesting corn, and a bean header for harvesting soybeans. The combine also has a wide range of combine attachments, including a swath roller, a spreader, and a chaff spreader, making it possible to customize the machine to fit specific needs and requirements.

The John Deere S650 is an efficient and reliable combine harvester that is perfect for small-scale farmers and hobbyists. With its powerful engine and numerous attachments, the S650 is capable of harvesting a wide variety of crops quickly and effectively. Whether you need a reliable machine for harvesting grains or a combine for harvesting soybeans and corn, the John Deere S650 Small Grain Combine is sure to meet your needs.

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