What Is the Biggest Comeback in NBA History?

The biggest comeback in NBA history took place on November 27, 1996 when the Seattle SuperSonics beat the Houston Rockets. The Sonics were down by 21 points with less than 10 minutes left in the game. They managed to pull off an incredible comeback, outscoring the Rockets 33-14 in the last ten minutes of play and winning 95-94.

It is considered one of the most impressive comebacks in any sport due to its sheer magnitude and time frame, as well as its impact on the season. It was a major turning point for both teams – Seattle would go on to make it to the playoffs that year, while Houston’s campaign spiraled downward after this loss.

This game also featured a clutch shot by Seattle guard Hersey Hawkins, who hit a three-pointer with 5.4 seconds left to give the Sonics their first lead of the entire second half. The hero of this comeback was undoubtedly Shawn Kemp, who scored 17 points in the 4th quarter and even blocked an attempted layup from Hakeem Olajuwon which could have sealed Houston’s win.

The biggest takeaway from this historic NBA game is that anything can happen in basketball if you never give up. It serves as a reminder for teams and players to never get too comfortable or overconfident, no matter how much time is left on the clock or what the score may be.

This incredible comeback not only made headlines at the time, but it remains one of the most remarkable examples of resilience and never-say-die spirit in professional sports. It is a reminder that no matter how much time is left or what the score may be, anything can happen in basketball if you never give up.

For Seattle Supersonics fans, this momentous game will forever remain one of their favorite memories from the franchise’s illustrious history. It stands as a symbol of hope and triumph for not only SuperSonic supporters, but NBA fans everywhere.

No other team has ever matched Seattle’s record for biggest comeback win since that day in 1996, making this an iconic moment in basketball history that will live on forever.

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