Who Is The Thickest Nba Player?

The NBA is home to some of the biggest and most impressive athletes in the world, but who is the thickest of them all? The answer might surprise you.

Although there are many behemoths prowling the courts, one player stands out as the thickest on any team: DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins is a 6’11”, 270-pound center for the Los Angeles Lakers, and he is jacked. His size and strength have earned him the nickname “Boogie,” and it’s easy to see why. From top to bottom, he looks like an absolute tank.

His immense size isn’t just for show either—Cousins has built a reputation for dominating opponents in both offense and defense. On offense, Cousins can drive powerfully to the basket or back down defenders with ease thanks to his huge frame; on defense, his sheer bulk makes him almost impossible to move out of position. He also has a knack for offensive rebounding—he averaged 3.2 offensive rebounds per game during his time with the Sacramento Kings—which allows him get plenty of second-chance points even when his primary scoring attempt fails.

But Cousins’ greatest asset might be his incredible stamina; he played 82 regular season games this past year, averaging more than 30 minutes per game! That’s 3900+ minutes over the course of a full season! And this doesn’t even factor in any potential playoff games he may have featured in that year.

Simply put: no other NBA player can match up against DeMarcus Cousins when it comes to sheer massiveness and remarkable durability. If there ever was an official title for “Thickest Player” in the NBA, then Boogie would be a shoo-in choice for it every single year!

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