What country has the skinniest population?

One of the skinniest countries in the world is Japan. With an average BMI of 22.5, Japan has the lowest average BMI among all countries, according to the World Health Organization. Japan has a population of over 127 million people, and has consistently been at the top of the rankings for the skinniest countries for the past several decades.

A major factor in Japan’s generally low BMI is its diet. Japanese people tend to consume a diet that is high in fish, fruits, and vegetables and low in red meat and processed food. The Japanese diet also tends to be lower in calories and fat than many western diets. Japanese people often avoid snacking and eating after dinner, which helps to keep their calorie intake low.

In addition to diet, physical activity is another important factor in determining a country’s overall level of skinniness. Japanese people have a strong cultural emphasis on physical activity, including walking, biking, and swimming. This emphasis on physical activity helps to keep Japan’s population slim.

Finally, there are psychological factors that contribute to Japan’s
skinniness. Japanese people generally have
a strong sense of self-
discipline and self-control when it comes to food choices. This self-control, combined with the cultural emphasis on physical activity, contributes to a population that is generally slim.

In conclusion, Japan is one of the skinniest countries in the world. This is due to a combination of factors, including its diet, physical activity, and psychological factors. The combination of these factors has helped to keep Japan’s population slim for the past several decades.

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