What Horse Is The Tallest?

The horse is one of the most majestic and powerful animals on earth, and the tallest horse of them all is a sight to behold. The world record for the tallest horse is held by a Shire horse named Big Jake, who stands at an impressive 20 hands 2.75 inches (82.75 inches, 210.2 cm).

Big Jake was born in 2008 in Poynette, Wisconsin and is owned by Jerry and Linda Gilbert, of Smokey Hollow Farm. Since his birth, Big Jake has grown to be the tallest living horse in the world, and he has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and television shows from around the world.

Big Jake's impressive height is due to the combination of his long legs and a long body. His long legs are due to his Shire horse genes, while his body is due to his diet and exercise regime. Unlike many other horses, Big Jake is fed a specially designed diet that helps to keep him healthy and strong, while his rigorous exercise regime helps him to maintain his impressive stature.

Big Jake is a gentle giant, and he is often seen at horse shows and other events, where he draws crowds of onlookers and admirers. His friendly nature and impressive size make him a popular attraction, and he is often seen being hand-fed treats by his owners.

Big Jake's impressive size does come with some challenges. He needs a specialized stable and feeding regimen, as well as a large area to roam and exercise. His owners have done an excellent job of providing him with the best care possible, and Big Jake is a happy and healthy horse.

Big Jake is an impressive example of the power and majesty of the horse. His impressive stature and friendly nature make him a popular attraction, and he is an inspiration to horse owners around the world. He stands as a testament to the power and beauty of the equine species, and a reminder of the importance of proper care and nutrition for our equine friends.

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