What Is The Biggest Snapper Caught In Nz?

The biggest snapper caught in New Zealand was a fish that weighed in at an impressive 20.1 kilograms (44.4 pounds). This massive fish was caught off the coast of Tauranga by angler Tony Orton back in 2016. The previous record for the biggest snapper caught in New Zealand had been held by another angler, Neil Parker, who landed a fish that weighed 18.2 kilograms (40 pounds) back in 2013.

Orton’s huge catch is just one more example of the amazing fishing opportunities that can be found off the coast of New Zealand. Snapper are one of the most popular target species for both recreational and commercial fishermen alike, and it’s not hard to see why. These delicious fish put up a good fight when hooked, and they taste great too!

If you’re lucky enough to hook into a big snapper like Orton did, make sure you have your camera ready to snap a photo – it could end up being worth quite a lot!

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