What Is The Biggest Snapper Caught In Nz?

New Zealand is renowned for its fishing, and it’s no surprise that the largest snapper ever caught in the region was a mighty specimen. In October 2019, a 19.5kg snapper was caught off the coast of New Zealand’s South Island by a fisherman called Mark Koperberg. It was a remarkable catch, and the lucky fisherman had the fish weighed in at the local fish and chips shop.

The snapper was caught in a shallow area of the sea and was hooked on a line that was attached to a hand-held rod. The fish put up a good fight and took Koperberg more than 20 minutes to land it. He described the experience as “the best fight of my life”.

Koperberg’s catch was the largest snapper ever caught in New Zealand, and it broke the previous record of 17.5kg, which was set in 2017. This impressive fish measured over 80cm in length and was estimated to be between 50 and 60 years old.

The snapper was caught in the region known as “the Snapper Triangle”, an area of the sea that is renowned for its big snapper. It is believed that the area is a nursery ground for the fish, where they can grow to a large size before migrating to deeper waters. The area is also known for its rich marine life, with a wide variety of fish, including mackerel, trevally, kingfish, moki, and red cod.

Koperberg’s catch was a remarkable feat, and it was celebrated by locals and fishermen alike. The snapper was donated to the local fish and chip shop, and the staff cooked it up for patrons to enjoy. It was a fitting end for such a remarkable fish, and Koperberg’s record-breaking catch will surely be remembered for years to come.

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