What is the largest clock tower in the world?

London, England’s Big Ben clock tower, is the world’s largest.

The famous London landmark of Big Ben has a new title, as it is now known to be the world’s largest clock tower. Located at one of the most iconic locations on Earth, this enormous structure measures 316 meters tall and has a diameter of 5 meters. Such a huge construction project took over 20 years to complete and was only finished in 1859. It features 13 bells weighing about 15 metric tons each, which are used for telling time every hour on the hour with Westminster chimes that have been heard all around Great Britain since 1859! With such an impressive history, this titanic monument will continue to stand proud as one of London’s most visited attractions for years to come.

One of the amazing things about this feat is that it was completed in 1859. The construction began way before some modern technologies were even invented, such as the elevator! This meant that all materials had to be hauled up by hand using hundreds of workers, which took an extremely long time.

It has become popular to use the enormous tower as an outdoor observation deck that is open to visitors. The public is allowed access all year round, and tourists can see spectacular views of anywhere between 20 and 40 kilometers in any direction. The London skyline also makes for an impressive sight when viewed from this vantage point, making it one of the top tourist attractions in England.

Although the clock tower is the newest record holder for being the world’s largest, it has recently received major competition. The Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Saudi Arabia stands at 601 meters tall, which is only five meters shorter than Big Ben. Unfortunately, this new contender cannot be visited by tourists as it is located on top of a large mosque and is not open to the public.

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