What Is The Biggest Shoe Size You Can Buy?

Shoes come in a variety of sizes, from the smallest of infant shoes to the largest of adult sizes. But when it comes to finding the biggest shoe size available, the answer depends on the type of shoe in question. When it comes to men’s and women’s shoes, the largest standard shoe size available is generally a men’s size 15 or a women’s size 13, although some manufacturers may offer larger sizes.

For those who require larger sizes, many specialized shoe stores, such as those dedicated to plus sizes and wide widths, offer sizes up to a men’s size 20 and a women’s size 17. Additionally, some manufacturers specialize in larger sizes, such as New Balance, which offers sizes up to a men’s size 18 and a women’s size 16.

Shoes for children are also available in larger sizes than the standard sizes, such as a boys’ size 6 or a girls’ size 5. And like their adult counterparts, there are also specialized stores and manufacturers that offer larger sizes, some reaching up to a boys’ size 13 and a girls’ size 12.

For those looking for even larger sizes, custom-made shoes are often an option. Custom-made shoes are tailored to the foot size of the wearer, and typically come with a higher price tag than standard-sized shoes. However, for those who need a larger-than-normal shoe size, custom-made shoes can be a great way to get exactly the size and fit that is needed without compromising on comfort.

No matter what size shoe is needed, there is likely a size out there that will fit. From the smallest of infant shoes to the largest of adult sizes, and even custom-made shoes, anyone can find the perfect fit when it comes to shoes.

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