What is the record for the biggest bubblegum bubble?

The record for the biggest bubblegum bubble was set on March 5, 2004 by Chad Fell. He blew a bubble with Bubble Yum gum measuring 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter! The previous record had been set in 2000 by Susan Montgomery Williams with a 19-inch (48 cm) bubble. She reportedly achieved this feat using a custom-made Bubble Yum gum mixture. The world record for the largest bubblegum bubble was set by Betram Lundahl of Sweden on March 26th, 2012 with a 24 in (61 cm) bubble! This was accomplished using Big League Chew Original Flavor Bubble Gum. No matter how you blow it, bubblegum is an amazing feat of bubble-blowing skill!

Bubblegum blowing is a fun and creative way to enjoy the act of blowing bubbles. You can practice your technique or challenge yourself to blow bigger and better bubbles each time. There are even contests around the world where bubble gum enthusiasts compete against one another to create the biggest, craziest, most unique bubblegums. Whether you’re an experienced bubble gum blower or just getting started – make sure to have fun and enjoy the experience! Who knows, maybe one day you could be setting records like Chad Fell and Betram Lundahl!

What is the longest time anyone has chewed gum?

The longest time anyone has ever been recorded as chewing gum is nearly 7 years. The record-holder is a man from India named Chintakindi Mallesham who chewed a single piece of sugarless gum for an impressive 6 hours and 25 minutes each day from February 2010 to November 2017. This amounts to over 2,311 days of continuous gum-chewing!

Mallesham was motivated to set the record by his desire to quit smoking, and claimed that chewing gum was a safer alternative for him. He even went on to create a website for his feat, ‘The Longest Chew’, with the aim of inspiring others to give up smoking and adopt healthier habits.

Mallesham’s record has since been beaten by another Indian man named Suyash Khare who chewed sugarless gum for 7 years and 8 days from November 2017 to July 2020. This amounts to a whopping 2,736 days of continuous chewing! Khare reportedly kept the same piece of gum in his mouth throughout the duration of the experiment, claiming that it helped him focus and concentrate better.

Both Mallesham’s and Khare’s records were verified by Guinness World Records, making them two of the most dedicated long-term gum chewers ever. While 7 years may seem like a considerably long time to spend chewing a single piece of gum, it’s definitely an impressive feat nonetheless.

What is the longest lasting bubble?

The longest lasting bubble record is held by a South Korean scientist, Professor Kim Yang-seop of Seoul National University. In January 2014 he created an ultra-long-lasting bubble that lasted over 20 minutes! He used a special mixture to create the bubble and then applied it to a modified loop wand. By adding glycerin, sugar and the detergent sodium dodecyl benzenesulfonate he was able to stabilize the bubble and make it last for over 20 minutes. Professor Kim has since gone on to create bubbles that last even longer, with one record lasting an astonishing 50 minutes. This incredible feat is sure to hold its place in the Guinness Book of Records for years to come!

Who blew the biggest bubble in the world?

The world record for the largest bubble was achieved by Kathy and Larry Hart of Ohio, who blew a bubble measuring 8 feet and 4 inches in diameter! This impressive feat was recorded on August 22, 2017. The couple used a special homemade solution that included distilled water, Dawn dish soap, sugar, and baking powder to create this giant bubble.

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