What is the Largest Land Vehicle?

The largest land vehicle is the Bagger 288, which looks like a cog. It’s currently owned by an energy company known as RWE (short for Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk AG).

The Bagger itself stands at 6 stories tall (~55 feet), can hold 38,000 tons of earth in its bucket, and weighs about 13 million pounds (~6 million kilograms). The over-all dimensions are roughly 1/3 mi (536 meters) long by ~1/4 mi (400 meters) wide . Basically, you could fit hundreds of houses end to end inside this thing.

To put it into perspective: if one were to turn it onto its side, the Bagger would be able to fit down a street as wide as the average American 2-lane road (~10 meters).

The Bagger is so large that it can only move at about 1 mile per hour (~2 kilometers per hour) – if you walked faster than this, you’d pass it before going half a block!

It’s also too heavy for many roads and bridges – therefore, a special rail system had to be built. This alone cost EUR 100 million (~USD 140 million). To this day, the Bagger is still using this same system of rails.

The “Bagger” name itself comes from the German word for excavation machine: Baumaschine . In total, 4 machines were created since its inception back in 1974.

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