What is the Largest Land Vehicle?

Vehicles can come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny Smart car to the massive Belaz 75600 mining truck. But which is the largest land vehicle?

The title for this record goes to the Bagger 288, a German-built bucket wheel excavator used for surface mining operations. It stands at nearly 95 meters tall, with a length of 213 meters and a weight of 45,500 tons. It is powered by two 16 cylinder diesel engines that generate 8092 horsepower to move it along. To even operate this massive machine requires five people!

Its size isn’t just impressive – its sheer power makes it capable of moving 240,000 cubic meters of soil each day – enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool every three minutes! The Bagger 288 is so large that Germany had to reroute their railway lines just to get it out of its factory.

So when you’re next travelling through Germany on vacation, be sure to keep an eye out for this mega machine; you’ll definitely be able to spot it from quite far away!

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