Which 3 states have the highest populations within the US?

The three states with the highest populations within the United States are California, Texas, and Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 estimates, California is estimated to have a population of 39,796,830 people; Texas has an estimated 28,995,881 people; and Florida has an estimated 21,477,737 people. These three states are the most populous in the country, representing over 25 percent of the total US population. California is also the most populous state in all of North America, making it an important economic and political center for the region. With its large population and diverse cultural background, it is a major influence on many aspects of American culture and politics. Texas and Florida are also important economic players, with each state having a significant presence in the financial, energy, and agricultural sectors. All three states have major cities that contribute to their respective economies, such as Los Angeles in California, Houston in Texas, and Miami in Florida. Together, these three states make up an important part of the US population and economy.

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