Who Is The Tallest Running Back In Nfl Right Now?

The NFL is home to some of the world’s tallest and most successful professional running backs. In today’s game, size matters when it comes to pro football players, particularly in the backfield. But who is currently the tallest running back in the league?

As of 2021, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette stands as the tallest RB in the NFL at 6’1″. He signed with Tampa Bay ahead of the 2020 season after spending three years with Jacksonville Jaguars. In 2021, Fournette looks primed to be a major contributor to his team’s offensive attack thanks to his size and power.

Standing one inch taller than Fournette is San Francisco 49ers’ Tevin Coleman. One of two six-foot tall running backs on this list, Coleman joined San Francisco during 2019 season and was immediately installed as the team’s starter at RB. Thanks to their deep repertoire of talented runners, there is no denying that San Francisco boasts some impressive depth at this position. It will be interesting to keep an eye on how Coleman fares in 2021.

Another runner standing at 6 feet tall is Arizona Cardinals’ Kenyan Drake. Despite being a relative newcomer in Arizona (he originally signed from Miami Dolphins), Drake has already become one of the more threatening threats coming out of their backfield. From sheer explosiveness and agility to dangerous effectiveness out wide, Drake has proven himself to be a dynamic threat capable of making big plays every time he touches the ball.

Atlanta Falcons’ Todd Gurley II also stands at 6’1″, giving him an advantage over all other RBs listed here in terms of height. While he may not have seen much work last year due to injuries, Gurley remains one of the top talents at this position which explains why Atlanta decided to give him another chance ahead of 2021 season.. With Ryan Tannehill under center and Gurley healthy again, Atlanta may soon find itself finding success using its ‘Ground & Pound’ style once more!

Rounding out this list are two more big-bodied runners: Baltimore Ravens sensation JK Dobbins (6’0″) and Carolina Panthers standout Christian McCaffrey (6’0″). Dobbins enjoyed his best performance yet during a breakout 2020 campaign where he tallied 805 rushing yards on 173 carries while scoring nine TDs on the ground; though his lack of involvement through passing game remains concerning for Fantasy Football fans everywhere! On Carolina’s side meanwhile, McCaffrey provides alternative route with exceptional pass-catching skills plus explosive tendencies when running between tackles – he even earned himself Pro Bowl nod for third straight year since joining Panthers 2017!

Overall it appears that having extra height aboard could definitely prove advantageous for these seven featured athletes – if they can stay healthy enough for long enough that is… So who do you think would come out on top if we were ever able to measure them all together on field?

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