Can you get a draco lizard as a pet?

Female Draco builds a nest for the eggs by forcing her head into the ground to form a small hole. These lizards are able to glide over membranes that can be extended to create wings (patagia) that consist of an enlarged set of ribs. The dewlap serves both to guide the flight of the animal and to present it. These fascinating reptiles can glide over distances of up to 25 feet by expanding flaps of skin on the sides of their bodies.

The species is endemic to Southeast Asia.

Is a Draco lizard real?

We could not definitively determine the lizard species, but this is a type of draco, a genus of agamide lizards known for their lubricity. When the ant or termite is close enough, the lizard can pick it up without moving its own body. This is by no means the ability to fly, it’s just the ability to glide, as they travel distances of 60 meters between trees, with a minimal loss of height. They then flatten their hind legs and use a small set of neck flaps to act as a kind of rotor and stabilize them during their flight.


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