Are lizards legal to own?

No, that reptile is not a good pet. Keeping Draco lizards as pets is difficult as they are difficult to feed and breed and require special tree enclosures. It uses patagia, a membrane that covers its ribs to glide from place to place. Some people keep these little lizards as pets even though they are difficult to care for, especially for beginners.

Even zoos find it difficult to properly care for a flying lizard. There are skin folds between these ribs that lie flat against the body when not in use, but act as wings when unfolded, allowing the Draco to catch the wind and glide.

Can you own a Draco Volans?

The Draco lizard is a species of lizard with a flat body and wing-like lateral extensions that allow it to glide from one tree to another. Mimicking the natural environment of Draco lizards offers them better development and more opportunities to display their natural behavior. Store hatching draco lizards in a plastic box with holes for the best result, and feed them soft-bodied insects such as flies and termites. Because it’s a small animal, Draco Volans is a meal for a variety of larger animals, including birds and other reptiles.

We don’t recommend keeping these lizards away from beginners, though Herpers with some experience (and space to house them) find them rewarding pets.


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