Who would win komodo dragon or lion?

In their search for the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard ventures onto an island inhabited by Ora and two other Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons have a combination of armor, agility, and poison that protects them and helps them kill the tiger. The Komodo dragon, also known as the Komodo monitor, is a giant lizard species that can be found on the Indonesian islands. They could stay out of reach of the dragon and walk behind it, jump on its back and kill it with a bite in the neck or skull.

Of course, the poisonous dragon could also end a lion or tiger with one bite, but I would give the bigger, faster cats the advantage.

Which animals can kill Komodo dragons?

The team found that the dragon’s venom quickly lowers blood pressure, accelerates blood loss, and puts a victim in shock, making them too weak to fight. Villagers recently asked permission to feed wild boar to the Komodos several times a year, but park officials say that won’t happen. Komodo dragons have shark-like teeth and poisonous poison that can kill a person within a few hours of a bite. However, a Komodo dragon’s preference to bite people could have more to do with his age than his disposition, he said.

During their stay, Walter Auffenberg and his assistant Putra Sastrawan captured and tagged more than 50 Komodo kites.



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