What is the largest city in Peru?

Peru’s largest city, Lima

The capital of Peru is Lima. This city has grown rapidly over the last decade, and it now takes up more than half of all of Peru’s population. Once a fishing village on the Pacific coast, this coastal metropolis has transformed into one of the world’s most important centers for business and finance. It was once thought that Lima would become a ghost town because its population density is high, but this hasn’t happened yet. To accommodate all its inhabitants, there are more than 15 million square meters in land reserved for residential use, with many new buildings being constructed every year to house them all. Its population is projected to reach about 10 million people by 2020, meaning that more than half of Peru’s citizens will be living in this city.

Peru’s largest city, Lima becomes a global center for business and finance when growing rapidly. It was originally a fishing village turned into the country’s center of business and finance. The bread and butter of the Peruvian economy has been petroleum, though this is no longer its most lucrative resource. Tourism and garment assembly have overtaken oil as the biggest revenue makers in Peru. Lima is built on a desert coast and receives little rainfall.

Beautiful view of the city with flag raised high in the downtown area of Lima, capital of Peru.

Spain conquered Lima when they arrived in Peru in 1532. After this, it was commandeered by local forces and then seized again by Spain for several years before finally falling into Peruvian control permanently in 1821. Many buildings were destroyed during the fighting.

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