What Is The Largest City Without An Nfl Team?

Do you like watching football on TV? Football is a fun sport, and people all over the world love to watch it. But did you know that there is one place in the world that doesn’t have a team in the National Football League (NFL)? That place is the largest city in the world without an NFL team!

The largest city without an NFL team is Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is a huge city with more than 13 million people living there! But even though it’s such a big city, there is not a single NFL team in Tokyo. That means all the people who live in Tokyo can’t go to a NFL game and root for their favorite team.

So why doesn’t Tokyo have an NFL team? The answer is that the NFL requires stadiums to have a certain size and be able to hold lots of people. Tokyo doesn’t have a stadium that meets those requirements, so they can’t have an NFL team.

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