What is the largest city in Kansas?

There are many cities to consider when looking for a new place to live. One of these places, Wichita, has been named as the largest city in Kansas with over 400,000 residents according to census data from 2010. This article highlights some key facts about this city and others nearby that may be worth consideration. The first mention of Wichita was made around 1837 where it was used as an Indian word meaning “south wind.” Today, Wichita is known for its strong economy and low unemployment rates, which make it one of the best areas to find employment opportunities.

This city also has a very high income per capita and is the home of many major corporations. Some examples include Koch Industries, Intrust Bank, Boeing Defense Space & Security as well as Pizza Hut. Wichita is at the heart of Kansas’ growing aerospace industry with companies such as Cessna Aircraft Company located in town which specializes in general aviation. The city’s economy is also heavily based on healthcare and manufacturing. Additionally, Wichita has a history of being very friendly to small businesses that find success in the area.

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