How Big Is the Biggest Cake in the World?

The world’s largest cake ever made was a whopping 15,032 pounds and measured 12 feet in diameter. It was made by chefs at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut in 2018 to celebrate the opening of their new Earth Tower complex. The colossal dessert consisted of 1,500 cakes and 8,000-pounds of icing and took fourteen hours to assemble. The flavor was red velvet with cream cheese frosting – an absolute treat for those lucky enough to sample it!

What is the tallest cake ever?

The tallest cake ever made was a towering 44 feet and 11 inches tall, created in the United Arab Emirates in 2013. The massive dessert was designed to look like a replica of the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It contained an astonishing 12,000 eggs, 24,000 pounds of flour, 1,700 pounds of sugar, and 4,550 gallons of water. It took five days for a team of talented pastry chefs to assemble the impressive cake and decorate it with sweet embellishments like fondant flowers and chocolate replicas of the Burj Khalifa’s spire.

What is the tallest wedding cake?

The tallest wedding cake ever made was a nine-tier, 12-feet-tall masterpiece created in England in 2011. The behemoth cake was built with 8,000 eggs and 500 pounds of sugar and took three weeks to complete. The awe-inspiring dessert featured a delicate ivory icing and a variety of intricate decorations including spun sugar ribbons, handmade flowers crafted from marzipan and more than 4,000 Swarovski crystals.

What is the most expensive cake?

The most expensive cake ever made was a $52 million masterpiece created in the United Arab Emirates and unveiled in 2011. The decadent dessert, which was crafted from gold, diamonds, and edible ingredients, featured three tiers filled with Belgian chocolate truffles, Sicilian pistachio cream and French macarons. The grand finale of the expensive cake was a sculpture of an 18-carat diamond ring surrounded by dozens of smaller diamonds.

What is the world’s tallest pancake stack?

The world’s tallest pancake stack was created in 2018 in Japan by the IHOP restaurant chain. The impressive stack of pancakes measured 55 inches tall and featured nearly 1,000 fluffy pancakes smothered with delicious toppings like whipped cream, fresh fruits, syrup and more. The record-breaking stack was created to celebrate the opening of a new IHOP location in Japan.

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