How Big Was The Worlds Largest Cupcake?

Everyone loves a good cupcake. Whether it’s a simple vanilla cupcake or one topped with creamy frosting and a sprinkle of colorful sprinkles, the confectionery treat has become a classic worldwide. But have you ever wondered just how big the world’s largest cupcake was?

At an incredible 2.13 meters tall and weighing an astonishing 151 kilograms, the world’s largest cupcake took two people more than four hours to assemble. On 14 March 2008, in celebration of “Good Causes Day,” Mrs. Fields Original Cookies unveiled this record-breaking feat at Australia’s Gold Coast Convention Centre in Queensland – ushering in what is now known as the largest publicly displayed cupcake.

Assembled by bakers from Mrs. Fields’ Pacific Fair store, the giant cupcake was actually made up of 882 smaller individual cupcakes! It also featured chocolate mud cake layers with cream cheese icing between each cake layer, plus fondant icing for decoration – all colored to create the familiar stripy rainbow pattern seen on regular-sized versions of the sweet treat.

To make sure that everyone could get in on the action, guests were even able to sample pieces of this behemoth pastry before it was cut down into manageable proportions and served as dessert at a VIP event later that evening! Though this colossal creation was short-lived as far as records go — broken five months later by Canada’s Guinness World Record-winning 4.9 meter tall cupcake—it still reminds us why we love sweet treats so much: they bring joy and happiness!

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