How Big Is The Worlds Biggest Meatball?

Meatballs are a classic dish enjoyed around the world, and there are many variations of the recipe. But what is the world’s largest recorded meatball size-wise? Here, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest meatballs ever made and where they’ve been featured. The first known record for the world’s largest meatball is from 2008, when an Italian family restaurant in London called Passione made a 683-pound beast. The gargantuan ball was made with 120 pounds of minced beef, 100 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 20 eggs, 20 cloves of garlic and 25 litres of tomato sauce.

It took six chefs over three days to prepare for its debut at the city’s Taste Of London Festival. In 2009, Venezuelan TV celebrity Chiquinquirá Delgado pushed that record aside by creating an 818 pound (370 kg) meatball—the first one to exceed 1 metric ton—in Caracas. It was prepared with 700 kilograms of minced beef and 60 kilograms of ham as well as other ingredients including tomato sauce and onions. But 2010 saw another amazing record breaker: The team from Eaters Anonymous Food Trucks in Orlando, Florida cooked up a 1250-pound specimen using 400lbs ground chuck, 200lbs pork shoulder, 100lbs veal shoulder, 500lbs hash browns and 50lbs spices! This monster meal was rolled out at Disney World’s Epcot Center during their Food & Wine Festival – it even had its own podium!

And in 2011 the record set in Orlando was broken yet again by Team Polpettone Palombaro Club out of Bari Italy who constructed an astounding 1498-pound giant ball o’ goodness! To reach this awesome size they used 600kg (1,323 lbs) minced beef as well as other ingredients such as breadcrumbs and various sauces. The end result earned them an entry into Guinness World Records 2012 edition! It looks like the record for making the largest meatball in existence has been running strong since 2008 – who knows what kind of culinary competition will unfold next! Stay tuned to find out about future updates on this fun foodie feat!

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