What Are The Top 10 Hottest States In America?

There's no definitive answer to this question since what one person might consider "hot" could be different from what someone else might consider "hot." However, based on a variety of factors - including average temperatures, humidity levels, and number of sunny days - the following 10 states could be considered some of the hottest in America:

1. Florida: With an average temperature of around 81 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity levels, it's no wonder Florida is often thought of as a hot and sticky state. Add in the fact that it gets an average of 234 sunny days per year (more than any other state), and you've got a recipe for some pretty intense heat.

2. Louisiana: Like Florida, Louisiana is another southern state with high temperatures and high humidity levels. The average temperature in Louisiana is about 79 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can feel much hotter due to the muggy conditions. Additionally, Louisiana gets an average of 210 sunny days per year - meaning there are plenty of opportunities for things to get steamy.

3. Texas: Texas is another large southern state that experiences hot weather for much of the year. The Lone Star State has an average temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit and receives 205 sunny days per year on average. Plus, many parts of Texas are quite dry - which can make the heat even more unbearable at times.

4 Arizona: Arizona is known for being a warm state - especially during summer when temperatures can soar well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit . Even during winter months , the mercury rarely dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit . And with an annual averagesunny day countof 200+, there's plentyof opportunityfor things to heat up . 5 California : California may not be as humid as some other states on this list , but it still has its fair shareof hot weather . The Golden State has anaverage yearlytemperatureof 63 degreesFahrenheitand receivesan annualaveragesunny daycountof 196 . 6 Nevada : Nevada isn't just home to scorching desert conditions in places like Las Vegas ; even higher elevations like Reno see relativelyhigh temperatures . The Silver Statehasanaverageyearlytemperatureof 58 degreeFahrenheitand typicallyreceives 190sunnydaysperyear 7 Hawaii : It should come as no surprise that Hawaii makes this list , given its tropical location . The Aloha Statetemperatureshoveraround 82degreesFahrenheityear-roundwith onlyminimalvariation between seasons 8 Georgia : Georgia may not be beachfront property , butit still experience ssome seriouslyswelteringconditionsduringthe summer months .The PeachStatehasanaverageyearlytemperaturearound 74degreesFahrenheit 9 South Carolina : Another southeasternstate rounds out our top ten hotteststatesin America list ; South Carolina comesin at#9withits own brandoftropicalheatandhumidity 10 Alabama : Lastbutnot leastisAlabama , wherethe averagetemperatureisabout 73degreesF

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