Who Is The Richest Person In Louisville Ky?

The richest person in Louisville, Kentucky is likely to be either B. Wayne Hughes or James Graham Brown. Both men are worth billions of dollars and have made their fortunes in different industries.

Hughes is the founder of Public Storage, a self-storage company that is now one of the largest in the world. He started the business in 1972 with just a single storage facility and has since built it into a massive empire. Today, Public Storage has over 2,200 locations across the United States and Europe and is worth an estimated $5 billion.

Brown was born into a wealthy family and inherited his father’s construction company, Brown Construction, when he died in 1969. He grew the business exponentially over the next few decades and eventually sold it for $1 billion in 1999. Since then, he has invested his money wisely and today his net worth is estimated to be around $3 billion.

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