What Is The Richest Store In The World?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on how you measure “richest.” For example, if you consider revenue as the primary metric, then Walmart would likely be considered the richest store in the world. However, if you looked at profitability or market value, then other companies such as Apple or Amazon might take the top spot.

In terms of revenue, Walmart generated $514 billion in sales in 2018, making it by far the largest retailer in the world. The company has over 11,000 stores across 27 countries and employs 2.2 million people globally. While Walmart is certainly a massive and successful company, its profit margins are relatively low compared to other retailers. In 2018, Walmart’s net income was just $9 billion on those $514 billion in sales – meaning its profit margin was less than 2%.

Apple is another large retailer that generates significant revenue but has much higher profit margins than Walmart. In 2018, Apple posted revenues of $265 billion and net income of $59 billion – giving it a profit margin of 22%. This means that for every dollar of sales that Apple generates, it keeps 22 cents as profit (compared to just 2 cents for Walmart). So even though Apple generate less than half of the revenue that Walmart does each year ($265B vs $514B), its profits are nearly 6 times higher ($59B vs 9B).

When considering market value (i.e., the total value of all outstanding shares), Amazon is currently the most valuable retailer in the world with a market cap of around $880 billion . This is more than double both Walmart’s ($288B) and Apple’s ($419B) market values . So even though Amazon doesn’t generate quite as much revenue or profit as either Walmart or Apple , investors believe that it will continue to grow at a faster rate in future years and are willing to pay more for each share today .

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