What Is The Biggest Fish Jeremy Wade Ever Caught?

Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet’s popular show River Monsters, has captured some of the biggest and most dangerous fish that swim in the rivers and oceans of the world. He has gone on to capture some of the most elusive and dangerous freshwater fish in the world, including the goliath tigerfish, the giant arapaima, and the giant stingray. However, while these impressive catches have become iconic moments on the show, they are not the biggest fish that Jeremy Wade has ever caught.

That honor goes to the Mekong giant catfish, a species of fish native to the Mekong river in Southeast Asia. The species can grow to an impressive size of up to 10 feet long and can weigh up to 650 pounds. Wade had gone to the Mekong river in search of this elusive fish for years, but had never been able to locate one. On his fourth attempt, though, he was finally able to locate a giant catfish and successfully landed it.

The fish Wade caught was an impressive 9 feet long and weighed in at a whopping 600 pounds. It was the largest freshwater fish ever caught on a rod and reel and the largest fish ever caught by Jeremy Wade. He called it “the fish of a lifetime” and the catch made headlines around the world. It was a remarkable achievement, and one that Wade will always be remembered for.

The Mekong giant catfish is a species that is critically endangered, and Wade’s catch was a reminder of how fragile and vulnerable these species are. While the species is still in decline, Wade’s catch was a reminder of the importance of conservation and protecting the world’s rivers and oceans. It was a momentous occasion and one that serves to remind us of the beauty and power of nature.

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