What is the biggest pizza in the world?

Pizza is made with dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings. In the United States, “pizza” commonly refers to the cheeseburger with tomato sauce or cheese stuck between two pieces of bread. In many countries in Europe and Latin America, pizza is typically made from a soft thin dough that is baked for a short time, creating a crust that has lots of air bubbles in it. Pizza can also be made with a thicker crust, or it can have no crust at all.

The World’s Biggest Pizza is a pizzeria in the town of Napoli, Italy. It was established in 2016 by Genaro Lombardi, and it has garnered international acclaim for its massive pizza measuring 3.3 meters in diameter and weighing over 3000 kg.

The Guinness Book of Records certified this as the world’s largest pizza on October 4th, 2017. This achievement also made them the record holder for “largest calzone” at 2.5m long with an estimated weight of 1500kg – that’s more than four Ford Fiestas!

The restaurant itself seats up to 60 people comfortably who are able to enjoy not only their pizzas but also their side dishes, which are just as big.

It also features a display of the history of pizza, including its birth in Napoli, Italy.

This does not come as much of a surprise to those who are familiar with Italian culture and food. There is even an animated movie called “Pizza” that follows the story of two children who go on an adventure through Rome to find the most delicious pizza in the entire country.

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