What is the world’s largest banana?

The world’s largest banana was unveiled at the International Banana Conference in Mexico City. Standing over five meters in height, weighing in at a whopping 472 kilograms, and spanning a total of 2.5 meters across – it is no surprise that this fruit will be hard to beat!

The conference organizers have been working on this project for three years and spent around $2 million USD to create the giant banana. In order to construct such an enormous piece of fruit, they had to put together 40 different parts from various places around the world including Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Guatemala. The final result weighs nearly half a tonne more than any other known banana variety.

One of the conference attendees, Yolanda Martinez from Costa Rica said: “This is a banana so big it could feed a whole street.”

In addition to being an eye-catching exhibit, the giant banana serves another purpose. The world’s largest fruit has been put on display at a local market, where it will be sold in order to raise money for local charities. The event organizers hope that this will encourage people to donate and provide extra funding for children’s charity groups.

Chairman of the International Banana Board, Gregorio Fernandez said: “For us, as an international organization, it is a real pleasure to be able to lend our support to such a worthwhile cause, and we hope that it will help provide some happiness for many families in Mexico.”

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