Where Is The Largest Cattle Ranch In The World?

Anna Creek Station is located in the northern part of South Australia, near the town of Coober Pedy. It is situated on traditional lands of the Arabana people. The station is part of the larger Kidman cattle empire, which was founded by Sir Sidney Kidman in the late 1800s. The Williams Cattle Company acquired Anna Creek Station in 2016 as part of a larger deal to purchase Kidman & Co, which was then Australia’s largest private landholder.

The station is primarily used for grazing beef cattle, with the majority of the herd being Hereford and Hereford-cross breeds. The property has around 1,000 artesian wells that provide water to the cattle, as well as several dams and troughs. The cattle are moved between different paddocks on the station depending on seasonal conditions and grazing requirements.

Due to its massive size, Anna Creek Station is not fully fenced, and instead uses natural barriers like rivers and gorges to contain the cattle. The station also has a small runway to accommodate light aircraft for mustering and other operations.

The station employs a team of 14 full-time staff, including station managers, stockmen, mechanics, and cooks. In addition, contractors are brought in for seasonal mustering and other tasks.

Anna Creek Station is a significant contributor to the Australian beef industry, with its cattle being sold both domestically and internationally. The station has also been involved in research projects related to animal husbandry and sustainable grazing practices.

Overall, Anna Creek Station is a massive and impressive operation that plays an important role in the Australian cattle industry.

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