Where is the largest Ikea store in the world?

Ikea is a Swedish furniture company with stores all over the world. The largest Ikea ever built opened in Shanghai, China on September 28th, and it’s been reported as “the largest Ikea store in the world.”

This new store has four floors of shopping space which will include nearly 10,000 items for sale. Customers can explore everything from home furnishings to kitchen appliances and even pet care supplies. There will also be a restaurant and an area just for children called Småland that features play structures, dressing up outfits, and more than 200 toys.

Biggest IKEA in the World

The IKEA store in Manila is the largest ever, and it has a cramped area of just 1,000 square meters. In a mall complex nestled against Manila Bay’s shoreline, it covers five levels and has nearly 700,000 feet (65,000 meters).

The largest Ikea in the world includes a four-story main building and a separate warehouse that makes up a total of 469,638 square feet (43,043.5 square meters).

It is known as the Ikea of China and has helped to put the city of Shanghai on the map for shopping.

The new Ikea was designed by the Swedish firm, Sweco Architects , whose previous projects include airports, museums, and subway stations. The design of this brand-new store has been compared to a cruise ship because it’s wider at the entrance and toward the back. The opposite happens on the upper level, where it gets narrower.

There are plans to expand by creating another Ikea in the city of Beijing which is also expected to be huge. Similar to Shanghai, there will need to be a warehouse built somewhere else due to space constraints within the city itself.

Where is the biggest IKEA in the world?

In the Philippines

On November 24, 2021, Swedish furniture and homewares brand Ikea opened its biggest store in the world in the Philippines. The new 730,000 square foot facility in Pasay is part of Ikea’s global push to increase presence in Asia.

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