What is the highest scrabble score in a single turn?

The world record for the highest score in a single turn has been set by an unnamed player. They managed to make 497 points on one word. This is not only the highest single-turn score ever, but it’s also higher than any other number of points scored at once.

The game they played was “scrabble” which is known as a word-building game. It was invented in 1938 and now there are more than 100 million people playing the game each year.

To break that down, that means that about 2% of all English speakers play scrabble every day! One reason why this particular player broke the previous record they had set is because of how they played their word. They used all seven tiles to spell the word “caziques” which is a Spanish word that referers to tribal chiefs or kings. It was correctly spelled, but just happened to be put on the board in an unusual way according to the rules of scrabble. This allowed them to get the two triple word scores and the double word score, which were all needed to set that record.

A more common way of breaking those records is by using a seven-letter bingo as it is called, and simply placing all seven letters on one turn instead of spelling out a real word.

That’s what makes this 497-point play so unique. Not only did they break a world record, but they also played a word that is actually considered a “real word” and not just something made up to get the high score.

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