Which Sports Fans Have The Highest Iq?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the individual and what their interests are. However, some research has suggested that fans of certain sports tend to have higher IQs than others.

A study published in the journal Intelligence in 2012 found that fans of so-called “complex” sports such as baseball, hockey and soccer had higher IQs than those who preferred “simple” sports like basketball and football. The researchers speculated that this was because complex sports require a greater understanding of strategy and tactics, while simple sports are more reliant on physical ability.

Other studies have found that people who follow chess or other board games tend to have high IQs, as do those who enjoy reading fiction or non-fiction books. So it seems that if you’re looking for a group of people with high IQs, you might want to focus on fans of complex sports or intellectual pursuits.

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