Which Country Is the Largest Importer of the World?

The United States is the leading import country in 2019 with an value of about 2.57 trillion US dollars, but how does this compare to other countries?
One interesting statistic that demonstrates just where America stands when it comes down trade balances is shown by Germany’s current position at number five on our list for total exports and their imports worth 1.81 trillion euros – around one third less than what America brought into international markets last year alone!

Who is the largest importer and exporter in the world?

The world’s largest economies are often defined by how much they export and import. The United States has held that title for many years, but lately Germany has overtaken it to become the third-largest exporter in global trade – not bad when you consider their population only amounts 1% of ours!

Which country is the largest exporter of garments?

In 2019, China was the top ranked global clothing exporter with a share of approximately 30.8 percent, followed by the European Union and Bangladesh in second place but Vietnam came forth as number three leading textile producing nation world wide that same year!

Who is Chinas biggest trade partner?

Trade between the United States and China is absolutely booming. Last year, U.S imports from China were worth $557 billion while exports to them provided an even higher amount at 179 million dollars! The country’s economy also boasts one of the largest in all world with its GDP sitting just below Japan ($4 trillion) as well as beingChina’s biggest trading partner having last traded goods amounting over 770 Billion Usd.

What are the top 10 trading countries in the world?

Exports by Country Around the World – Top 10

-China: $2.5 trillion
-United States: $1.7 trillion
-Germany: $1.6 trillion
-Japan: $738 billion
-Netherlands: $723 billion
-South Korea: $605 billion
-France: $582 billion
-Hong Kong: $569 billion

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