What Was The Heaviest Turkey Ever Raised?

Have you ever heard of the record-breaking heaviest turkey ever raised? Guinness World Records reports that the heaviest turkey ever recorded weighed in at 86 pounds and was raised by Fred Harshbarger in 1989. This amazing feat was achieved through careful dieting and quality care, making it one of the longest domesticated birds on record. In addition to its impressive weight, the large bird had a wingspan of 94 inches and a length of 76 inches! It’s certainly an impressive accomplishment for any poultry farmer.

The record-breaking turkey was raised by Fred Harshbarger, a poultry farmer from South Dakota. He fed his bird a quality diet and gave it the best of care in order to achieve the impressive feat of having the heaviest turkey ever recorded. It’s believed that this amazing accomplishment was achieved through careful dieting and good quality care because it had such an amazing wingspan of 94 inches and length of 76 inches! This shows just how well cared for it must have been over its long life. It’s certainly an impressive feat that any poultry farmer would be proud to achieve.

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