What Was The Biggest Turkey Ever Killed?

The biggest turkey ever killed was a 49-pound bird that was shot in Maryland in 2013. The enormous tom turkey was taken by a hunter named Jim Fuller in the Appoquinimink Wildlife Area. After its impressive size had been verified by multiple state officials, it was accepted as an official world record by the National Wild Turkey Federation. It remains the largest wild turkey ever harvested and is testament to the success of conservation efforts in recent years.

Wild turkeys have seen a resurgence in population in recent years, thanks to dedicated conservation efforts by the NWTF and other organizations. In many areas, wild turkeys are now one of the most common game birds and hunters can often find turkey hunting areas nearby.

The 49-pound bird that was taken by Jim Fuller is proof of this success, as it is the largest turkey ever verified by an official record. This goes to show that with proper management, sustainable hunting practices, and responsible land use, wildlife can thrive – even if that wildlife happens to be a large gobbling tom turkey!

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