What Was The Longest Bare Knuckle Fight In History?

The longest bare knuckle fight in history was between James Kelly and Jonathan Smith. The fight lasted a whopping 111 rounds and lasted almost 7 hours! It took place on April 6, 1849 in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland. Both fighters were world champions in their own rights and it was seen as a grudge match by many observers. Despite the grueling conditions, both men fought with courage and determination until the referee declared Smith the winner after the 111th round. This historic fight is still talked about to this day!

The fight between James Kelly and Jonathan Smith was an epic battle of strength, endurance and skill. Both men were renowned for their boxing ability and had long established reputations as champion fighters in their own right. The match took place in a large field in Dingle, with an audience of over 10,000 people present to witness the event.

The fight lasted 111 rounds and was estimated to last almost 7 hours. During this time, the two men traded blows while exhibiting tremendous levels of stamina and courage. After the longest round of the contest, the referee declared Smith the winner and the fight came to an end.

Since then, this historic bare knuckle fight has become a staple of boxing folklore – remembered not just for its epic duration but also for its showcase of courage under tremendous amounts of physical stress.

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