Which Country Is the Largest Producer of Cardamom?

Cardamom is a spice that has been cultivated for centuries and was first used as currency in India. Today, it’s grown primarily on the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java but also Papua New Guinea where some production takes place thanks largely due to new regulations designed with sustainability objectives which encourage Governments agencies investing into farming initiatives rather than large scale mining operations like those from before
In 2019 there were about 100 million tons produced worldwide making this aromatic herb one if not most versatile spices out there! In total countries around world account for more then half its annual yield – China alone supplies over 40%.

Is the largest producer of cardamom in India?

The Idukki District of India’s largest producer, Kerala is facing a devastating flood. The low yield and loss of an important importer are just some problems that the people there have faced in recent weeks due to this tragedy-stricken state being hit with more rainstorms over one hundred times throughout December 2017 which caused flooding at alarming levels even though it was already overflowing from all previous days up until then! This means farmers had their crops ruined when they were barely recovering after last year’s floods left them stranded without much income or food sources.

Where does the best cardamom come from?

Cardamom is a spice that comes from the seeds of an evergreen plant in the ginger family. It can be found all over India, but it’s most abundantly produced and exported around here- which you’ll have to take my word for because I wasn’t there when they measured!

What country is the largest spice producer?

India is a country in the Middle East that has been known for its spice production. The people of India are referred to as “spice eaters,” because 75 different varieties come from this area alone and account for half off all global trading spices!

Which state is the largest producer of cardamom?

Kerala is the largest producer of small cardamom

What happens if you eat cardamom every day?

Cardamom may be a spice, but it’s not just for flavoring. Along with its cooling effect on your stomach and intestines to help relieve acidity or digestive issues such as indigestion nausea vomiting stomach pain spasms; cardamom can also work wonders against soar throats too!

Why cardamom is so costly?

The main reason this spice is so expensive, according to the article I read online was because it needs manual labor. According cardamom producers in India who harvest an acre of their crop for around 50 pounds or more than 150lbs- that will give you some idea about how time consuming harvesting can be!

Which is the worlds most expensive spice?

Saffron is a spice that comes from the stigma of 250 thousand flowers. It’s used in many products, including food and medicine. To make one kilogram (2 pounds) it takes about 150 stigmas or more- so an average saffron Lily can sell for $3-$4k!

Which is the best cardamom?

Cardamom is one of the most versatile spices in existence. Green cardamoms, commonly found at your local grocery store and sometimes referred to as true cardamon or just ‘cardamom’, are what you’re looking for if sweet dishes sound good – it’s perfect with desserts like ice cream! But don’t limit yourself; likewise white versions can be used on both savory foods (such as brownies) without sacrificing much flavor either way because they’ll lack some essential oils which make them less intense than their green counterparts.”

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