Is India the Seventh Largest Country in the World?

According to area, India is the world’s seventh-largest nation.

Who is the 7th largest country in the world?

India is the seventh largest country in the world which comprises 2.3% area of Earth.

Which is No 1 country in world?

This year, Switzerland is once again named the Best Country in the World. The country, well-known for its history of neutrality, ranks No. 7 on citizenship.

Is China bigger than India in area?

Russia, Canada, the United States of America, China, Brazil, and Australia are among the largest nations. Russia has an area of 17.09 km2 while India has 3.28 km2.

Is the rank of India in terms of area in the world?

India is the world’s 7th largest country in terms of size. India covers 2.4% of the entire planet’s surface area.

Which country is bigger China or USA?

United States is around the same size as China.

The United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km in size. China is about 9,596,960 square kilometers. The population of the United States amounts to ~310 million people (compared to China’s >1.4 billion residents).

Who is the first largest country?

The first largest country was Russia, followed by Canada, USA and China.

What is the most loved country?

And it’s also appropriate for a country where a whopping 93 percent of people report feeling loved.

Philippines ranks 1 with 93% feeling love, followed by Rwanda 92%, Puerto Rico 90%, and Hungary 89%.

Which country has most beautiful girls?

Top 8 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

  • #8 Italy. …
  • #7 Venezuela. …
  • #6 Russia. …
  • #5 Colombia. …
  • #4 Denmark. …
  • #3 South Korea. …
  • #2 Ukraine. Ukraine was actually voted as having some of the most beautiful women in the world. …
  • #1 Brazil. They’re sporty, tanned and give off a natural beach vibe.

Which country is the smartest 2020?

Singapore ranks 1st as the smartest with 107.1 average IQ. It is followed by China (105.8 IQ), Hong Kong (105.7 IQ) and South Korea (104.6 IQ).

Why is India so populated?

As a result, the growth in India’s population may largely be attributed to birth and death rates. India’s population was roughly 238 million in 1900. … Other reasons for high birth rates include early marriages, lack of awareness, poverty and illiteracy, and illegal immigration.

Is USA bigger than India?

United States is about 3 times bigger than India.

The size of India is about 3.29 million square kilometers, whereas the United States has a land area of 9,833,517 square kilometers, implying that the United States is 199 percent larger than India. Meanwhile, India’s population currently stands at 1.3 billion people (993.5 million fewer reside in the United States).

Which country is largest India or China?

China is larger with 9,596,961 km2 land comparing to India with 3,287,263 km2 land.

What is the biggest country?

The biggest country is Russia.

How many countries are in world?

The 193 sovereign states that are members of the United Nations and two non-member observer nations, the Holy See and the State of Palestine, make up this global figure.

What are the 8 largest countries in the world?

  1. THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. With a land mass of 17,098,242 square kilometers and a population of 143,420,300 people, Russia is the world’s largest sovereign state by land area and one of only two countries in the world which straddle two continents.
  2. CANADA.
  3. CHINA.
  5. BRAZIL.
  7. INDIA.
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