What Are the 4 Largest Cities in India?

Rank    City / Urban area                             Population
1            Mumbai (Bombay)                       16,368,000
2           Kolkata (Calcutta)                        13,217,000
3             Delhi                                             12,791,000
4               Chennai                                       6,425,000

What are the 5 largest cities in India?

-Mumbai – 12,691,836
-Delhi – 10,927,986
-Bangalore – 5,104,047
-Kolkata – 4,631,392
-Chennai – 4,328,063
-Ahmedabad – 3,719,710

Which is the 4th largest city in India?

In the fourth largest city of India, you'll find a metropolis with nearly 10 million people. In this historic region known as Tamil Nadu state or Cheranapolis if it were in America would be considered an American Big City!

Which is the No 1 city in India?

Bengaluru topped the list of India's top 10 cities in 2020, according to a recent study by The Biggest. Bengalurun has been ranked number one with Pune coming second and Ahmedabad at 3rd place overall on this EOL index which measures how life may be perceived from personal experience as well as public transport availability etcetera for people who visit these places during their journey across various parts within our country.

Which is the richest city in the India?

-Vizag or Vishakhapatnam

Which is the safest city in the India?

Kolkata, India’s oldest city and the capital of West Bengal has been announced as one of the safest cities for women. NCRB data shows that solo female travellers should take note when entering Kolkata due to it being known across all nationalities worldwide for its safety even though there may be some areas which are not safe at night.

Which city is big Chennai or Bangalore?

The largest city in India is Bengaluru. The area of this metropolis, 805 square kilometers (204 sq mi), makes it one and a half times the size of Los Angeles or Houston--second only to Mumbai among Indian cities for population density at 12000 people per square kilometer!
On average Chennaiites weigh less than their counterparts elsewhere on Earth because they live closer together-a result both confounding scientists who study climate change mitigation strategies as well as local restaurateurs eager to serve heavier customers with bigger appetites; thankfully there's no shortage when you visit town: fresh seafood served up by fishermen pulling ashoretheir day’s catch before heading back out again while street vendors cook over open fires using nothing but charcoal.

Is Bangalore bigger than Mumbai?

The population of Greater Mumbai is less than those in other Indian cities, but it still managed to rank third overall. It contains a bustling metropolis with 12 million people living inside its boundaries that have made this area their home since the 1800s when they started coming from different parts as well as outside India because at one point or another during British rule over our country; some were sent down into south Asia through Simon's Pe'hlaaner (a trading post).
Mumbai has seen economic growth thanks largely due not only what was happening there like construction work on buildings/roads which caused increases solvent rates seeing rise prices after independence--something important everybody needs nowadays.

Is Goa bigger than Mumbai?

In terms of size, Maharashtra is much larger than Goa. The 31 districts in the former have a population density 2-3 times higher than those who live on just 3702 sq km (1/10th) That said, Mumbai has grown significantly more quickly over recent decades due largely to its position as India’s financial capital; according to some estimates it accounts for nearly two and half times state budget of goa!
Maharashtra's vastness means there are many things you can do without having too far away from home - like food markets where fresh vegetables may still be available all year round.

Is Delhi bigger than Mumbai?

If you’ve ever visited either of India's two biggest cities, then chances are that your trip was marred by the hectic traffic and overwhelming crowds. Delhi has a population density much higher than Mumbai - it is also home to over 20 thousand people per sqKm!

Is NYC bigger than Delhi?

The capital of India, Delhi is 1.90 times as big as New York City (US). The NCT covers an area with 573 square kilometres in total and houses over 30 million people living within it!

Which is the cleanest city in India 2020?

Madhya Pradesh’s clean Indore has been ranked India's fourth consecutive year by Swachh Survekshan 2020, the central government's annual survey to promote sanitation in urban centres. The findings were released on Thursday and saw Madhyam North East zooming up four places from last year when it came third place overall but was sixth for open defecation prevalence rate among districts with more than 200 thousand population."

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