Which Country Shares the Largest Border With India?

India and Bangladesh share one of the longest borders in the world, spanning over 1 million sq km. Along with an area that is larger than Germany, Italy or Japan it also has a coastline measuring at 580 km!

Which country shares the longest border?

Canada’s border with the United States is not just a line on a map. It’s an experience that can be really daunting for someone who has never crossed it before, but one worth having in order to see all of what Canada has to offer!

A person might think they know everything about our neighbor across the sea when you mention how long their land mass spans — 890 km–but there are so many factors involved which contribute greatly towards making each country unique geographically-speaking: its width range between freshwater lakes like Lake Superior (the longest at 674 miles) or salt water oceans such as Pacific Ocean coveing 3200.

Which countries share India boundary?

The geography of India is intriguing. The country has 15,106 kilometers worth of land borders and a coastline that stretches 7,516 km long with only five states not sharing any international border or coastal line which are Assam (north-east), Arunachal Pradesh(elbow shape)-that shares close proximity to China & Bhutan; Himachal Pradesh –partially sits on an axis between Pakistan’s Muslim dominated areas in West Punjab) ; Sikkim -closely bordering both Myanmar as well as Bangladesh.
It’s clear from this map how important it can be for trade agreements if countries share common concerns over water access needs!

Which Indian countries share 5 states?

Border of India and Nepal has a unique place in the world because it lets people from either country cross over any point. Both nations have sustainable trade with other countries, but their borders can also be crossed at many different checkpoints throughout Nepal or visa-free for 15 days into India if you’re an Indian citizen staying there longer than 3 months without working Permit Required Ganesh puja etc.

The Border between these two lands may seem like just another stretch The border line marks where hot sand meets cold Himalayan rock But what makes this area so special? Well unlike most other international barriers around our globe There are no fences erected Do not mark out boundaries by signs saying “no.”

Which state of India has the longest coastline?

The length of India’s coastline is changing, and this shift has been most notable in the Andaman Islands. These tiny islands had a little over 1900 kilometers worth of landmass that makes it easy for people to live there with nature rather than having cities on every inch as we do here in Bengaluru city where everything is compacted together from buildings, traffic jams- even beach sand used up at night!

What is the shortest border in the world?

The 150-metre strip of land touching Botswana near Kazungula is Zambia’s shortest border. There are many other countries that have borders as short, but none can compare to this one for uniqueness and significance in international relations.

The 85 metres between Morocco and Spanish exclave Peñón de Vélez la Gomera makes it possibly the most isolated Perezate Island enclave on earth – not even counting its oceanic Status Referendum where people will be able decide whether they want independence from Spain or integration with Europe.

Which country has most Neighbours?

China’s proximity to 14 bordering countries makes it one of the most geographically blessed nations on Earth. The top five in this category are: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan who all border China but not necessarily at a distance touching each other’s borders (although they do share some common land). Second comes Kyrgyzstan then Kazakhstan with Mongolia right behind them before arriving at Russia across from North Korea through Vietnam Laos Myanmar Bhutan Nepal.

How many countries are Neighbours of India?

India shares its borders with a diverse set of countries, including some that border the Pacific Ocean and others which share land from south to north. India’s neighbors include Afghanistan in Central Asia as well as Nepal on the mainland continent before turning eastward towards China; Bhutan more or less hugging Indian territory between Sikkim state (in Eastern Tibet) and West Bengal province – touching Bangladesh near Chittagong too*. Sri Lanka lies just off this same southern coast but Myanmar is over 1000 km away across open waters.

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