Which Is the Largest River in South India?

Godavari Godari

Path of the Godavari through the South Indian Peninsula [1]

Location: India

State: Maharashtra, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

Which is the first largest river in south India?

The Godavari is the longest river in South India.

Which is the largest river in India?

SI No.          River                                  Length (km)

1                    Indus                               2,900

2                   Brahmaputra                  2,900

3                   Ganga                              2,510

4                   Godavari                         1,450

Which is the third-largest river in south India?

Kaveri is the third-largest river in South India, after Godavari and Krishna, and the largest in Tamil Nadu, which runs down the state’s north–south divide. KAVERI

Kaveri Cauvery

Region: South India

Origin: Kodagu, Karnataka

Physical characteristics

Source: Talakaveri, Kodagu, Western Ghats, Karnataka

Which is the smallest river in south India?

Ponnaiyar River

Which state has the highest river in India?

List of Rivers of India

Sr. No.      State                          Total Number of River

1               Andhra Pradesh                      10

2               Assam                                       10

3               Bihar                                          11

4               Gujarat                                      10

Which river is called the Ganga of South?

The Kaveri River, which empties into the Bay of Bengal south of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, breaks into numerous distributaries as it enters southern India’s largest delta, known to devout Hindus as Daksina Ganga (“South Ganges River”). The Kaveri is renowned for its beauty and holiness in …

Which is the smallest river in India?

The Arvari River is a tiny river in Rajasthan, India. It has a length of only 90 kilometers and is one of the smallest rivers in India, flowing through the Arvari District of Rajasthan.

Which is the longest river of J and K?

Chenab, Jhelum, and Indus are the state’s three longest rivers.

Which is the big river in the world?

The Nile is the world’s longest river.

The Nile River is a river in Africa that runs through 11 countries, from north to south. It has a length of 6,650 kilometers and is the lifeblood of several nations. Eleven nations along with Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and

Which is the most dangerous river in India?

The Vadodara district and city in Gujarat and the Vishwamitri River, which starts in Pavagadh in the Panchmahal District of Gujarat and flows mostly through the west of Vadodara.

Which is the main river in south India?

South Indian rivers are those that flow through the peninsular region of India. The Mahanadi, Godavari, Cauvery, Krishna, Narmada, and Tapti are the most important rivers in southern India.

Which is the biggest river in Karnataka?

The Cauvery is Karnataka’s most significant river, originating in the Talakaveri Hills of Madikeri district. Although many rivers flow to the west and combine with the Arabian Sea, such as Krishna River and Mahanadi River, they account for just 12.73% of Karnataka’s total drainage area.

Which city is called the City of Rivers?

Important cities along the Rivers

City                                   State                                       River

Bangalore                       Karnataka                          Vrishabhavathi

Cuttack                           Orissa                                 Mahanadi

Chennai                          Tamil Nadu                        Cooum, Adyar

Coimbatore                    Tamil Nadu                        Noyyal

Which is the second-largest river in south India?

The Godavari is India’s second-longest river, after the Ganga. It begins in Triambakeshwar, Maharashtra.

Which river is not originated from India?

The Beas River is not one of the options. The Beas River, sometimes known as the “Tibetan river,” rises in the Himalayas and flows through Himachal Pradesh’s interior before emptying into Pakistan’s Panjnad Plain. It is India’s only river that starts in the country and ends there as well.

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