Which state of india has recorded the highest rate of population growth in the last census 2001?

According to the 2001 census, Uttar Pradesh in India was the state with the highest rate of population growth. With a population of over 166 million people at that time, it was one of India’s most populous states. The population growth rate during that time period was 2.4%, which is higher than average for the country as a whole. Uttar Pradesh has seen population growth due to its large number of migrants from neighboring states, as well as from rural to urban migration, and strong economic development. It is estimated that by 2021, Uttar Pradesh will be home to around 199 million people, making it even more densely populated than before.

The state has taken a number of steps to ensure that its population growth is maintained, such as introducing family planning initiatives and encouraging better education and health care. Despite the high rate of population growth, Uttar Pradesh still faces many challenges in terms of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and other socio-economic issues. In order to tackle these issues and continue to sustain its population growth, the state is looking to improve access to education and health care for its citizens. It is also trying to promote sustainable development in the areas of infrastructure, industry and employment opportunities. As one of India’s most populous states, Uttar Pradesh has a great potential for economic growth and can become an important contributor to the country’s overall development.

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