Which Is The Smallest Waterfall In The World?

There are many waterfalls around the world, each with their own unique features. However, there is one waterfall that is considered to be the smallest in the world. This waterfall is located in Ithaca, New York and is known as Taughannock Falls.

Taughannock Falls has a total height of 215 feet (66 meters), making it significantly smaller than other waterfalls around the world. Despite its small size, Taughannock Falls is still an impressive sight. The waterfall drops over three tiers before eventually flowing into a gorge below.

Visitors to Taughannock Falls can take a short hike to reach the base of the falls or enjoy views from above at one of the nearby overlooks. There are also several camping sites located nearby, making it easy to spend a few days exploring this beautiful area.

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